Glorifying Depression

jny published on
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Categories: Mental Health

A common theme on Tumblr (where this block originally started) is to “glorify” mental illness; to make it something that is “weird” and thus is desirable, a way to be considered unique in society, perhaps. They self-diagnose and create blogs dedicated (in partial or full) to their depression and mental illnesses, treating it like a fandom for some TV show instead of a true illness.

Because this blog is about depression and mental illnesses, some might think that it is made of the same substance. But I should be clear, I don’t glorify depression, I glorify the treatment of depression for those who have it. This is a Journey to the Center of Self, including the mires and bogs of mental illness. It is the thing I think of most: the first thought in the shower in the morning and the last thought before bed. I don’t advocate everyone making a blog about depression, I advocate that if you make a blog about self discovery, make it about whatever pertains to your self discovery.

There is a difference between being proud of depression and being not ashamed enough to be able to talk about it. There’s a difference between wallowing in it and seeking healing via self expression and connecting with others (i.e. a blog). And there is certainly a difference between viewing it as a badge of honor versus an illness to be treated and rid of.