Comforting the Depressed - Validation

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This is part of a series and I would recommend starting from the beginning if you have not done so already. You can find all the posts in the series under the tag "Comforting the Depressed".

This piggybacks off of Listening in that it is generally the next chronologically, but not always. And the problem is that a lot of people absolutely don't understand the basic concept of validation.

Here's validation in a nutshell: accepting that things that are being experienced are being experienced. That if I say "I'm feeling sad today and I don't know why", to accept that, yes, I am feeling bad, without trying to dive into the "why". And very importantly passing no judgment.

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Comforting the Depressed - Listening

jny published on
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Obligatory disclaimer that I am not a professional nor do I mean to imply that what I'm saying is true in every case and that I'm only speaking from my own personal experience.

I started writing this as one single blog post but it grew much too large and I think separate posts for each point gives me a better chance to flesh out ideas.

Also I initially wanted to direct it at the "mentally ill" in its entirety, but because I have primarily struggled with depression and haven't run this by people with other mental illnesses, I don't want to overstep my bounds; it's fallacious for me to say I speak from my own experience if I extend beyond that. However, I do think that, on a basic level, these things are true for almost all relationships -be it family, friendship, romantic partner, etc. At the very least, perhaps people in vastly different situations may be able to gleam a small bit here and there; "take what you want and leave the rest", as they say.

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