Finding My Voice in 2020

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The goal of this blog has never been murky, but it has also never been quite clear. And that's intentional.

I've always wanted it to be complete thoughts: things that I am able to look back at and understand fully (or at least, as full as I believe so). Often this takes the form in something that -as I can articulate well- can hopefully be helpful for others. But the goal has never been to make some sort of self-help blog.

Nor has it been to make a journal. As I said above, I want to write things as more of a chronicle of the journey rather than an exploration. I try to sit on ideas and -while I usually write them out in one go- the concept for most posts are rarely off the top of my head, nor are their contents.

Not that there's anything wrong with either self-help nor (public) journaling. It's simply not my own intention.

There is such a reason for a check in though. 2020 was an absolutely wild year for me; on top of....well, what went on in the world and particularly in my country of the U.S., it was a massive year of self-exploration, self-affirmation, and (dare I say) self-discovery. So much so that I am very much still processing much of it to the extent that I have not felt like writing it. But I've come to realize that I will start to lose some of my journey if I do not write it down. I will forget specifics or how to express what I actually felt at the time. So while I do not feel as though I'm at "the other side" of anything, so to speak, here are my thoughts, disorganized as they may be, about the year that is 2020.

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